This All Began

This all began as I sat in a chapel.

What did I pray for there?

Honestly, I don't rightly remember.

The usual, I'm sure,

"Help me to understand better!"

And, I'd heard that help could be found in the psalms letters.

I think that stained the request in its flow

into His hands to humorously unfold.

The urge to open the empty journal on my lap came to me like a loving parent's slap.

The pen hit the paper and these words are what flowed. In every line, much of my history is grudgingly in tow.

Although, all of what is written here is true, every line that I write is truly meant for you.

For every word to you and to me

will always reveal itself differently.

Allow these words around you to take hold;

simply trust in Him, and meaning will unfold.

My Blank Canvas

As I reflect back on the few days I spent in that chapel, I recall the impact it had on me. It continues to affect me, and I'm sure will do so for the rest of my life. It beautifully altered the reasons that brought me to that chapel, meaning opened. Every poem written in the days to come is a piece of me given forth in hope of your healing journey. It is the only way I know how to show my appreciation for the blessings that occurred. By writing to you, they continue.

Your Blank Canvas

Circumstance will affect our lives from today forward, some will bring suffering and others will provide healing. If you allow God to work within you, one can gracefully transform the other. Whatever you write upon today, ponder these questions with our Blessed Lord:

What does the canvas of your heart portray?

What is the title it longs to relay?

Sit with the Lord for some time. How does the title transform as you allow His touch to develop meaning?

Let us pray - Come, Holy Spirit - fill this heart, your faithful

Open your bible to the Book of Psalms randomly. Let your eyes scan the open pages. What words or lines draw your attention? Why? What do they offer to your title?



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