The Maremma

The Guardian'sPromise

I will wait and watch;

I will never stop.


I will protect and defend;

to your fear, I forever tend.


I might rest in the sun,

but by night, boundaries will be run.


I might appear to sleep,

but my devotion runs deep.


I might appear to play,

but to your side, I will stay.


Let your heart be free of doubt

with this faithful guardian about.


I will be your alarm;

nothing will ever bring you harm.


I am your sight in the darkness,

your defender of justice.


I am your ears out of reach,

responding to every howl and screech.


I promise to forever fight,

To You -

I dedicate my life.

About the Maremma

The Maremmano Abruzzese, or Maremma Sheepdog, is an Italian pastoral breed whose lineage dates back some 2000 years ago - spoken about in ancient Roman literature. They are a dedicated and work-oriented breed that need property as they prefer to be outside with a job to accomplish. 


They are natural guardians acting when they sense a threat. They were imported from Italy in the 1970's to guard sheep and goats. Now, they are employed to guard chickens and even property, in particular, vineyards. In fact, in Modern Farmer magazine, these guardians were noted in the article, 5 Reasons Every Winery Needs a Dog.


The Maremma is an old breed, thought to descend from the sheep guardians of the Middle East. Coming to the US from the Maremmano and Abruzzo regions of central Italy, they maintained this lineage by assisting Italian shepherds with protecting sheep from wolves. Once considered two separate breeds, one from either region, the ENCI (the national dog association of Italy) unified them in 1958 to become the Maremmano Abruzzesse of today.  


The Pastore Abruzzese, or Shepherd Dog of the Abruzzi, is the longer-bodied, longer-haired. The Pastore Maremmano or Shepherd Dog of the Maremma has the shorter, rougher coat. 


Traditionally, the Maremma worked under the shepherd's supervision during the day and remained unattended with flocks at night in smaller enclosures. Today, they continue to fulfill this task, moving beyond their Italian borders to help protect all types of livestock in Australia, the United States, and Canada - even penguins! They are an amazing animal dedicating their life to farm and family. This is the Maremma!

Maremma Temperament

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Maremma's are loyal and affectionate, overly so toward whoever they deem family - furry or otherwise. They are independent thinkers and will rightly choose their duty over your beck and call. They are never outright disobedient but make no mistake - responsibility will always come first!



The Maremma is a large dog. Adult males are a bit larger, averaging 27 inches tall and weighing 75 to 100 pounds, while females average 26 inches tall and weigh between 65 and 90 pounds. They don a large polar-bear like head, black nose, dark-brown eyes, and triangular ears that hang down. Their tail hangs low, slightly curling upward at the end. 


They have a dense undercoat with a thick overcoat that ranges from straight to shaggy to even curly.  Their beautiful fur is usually pure white; Evelina's becomes almost luminescent in the sunlight. They can be shades of ivory or lemon. This coloration allows them to blend in with the flocks of sheep they historically protected.


In the Spring, when the weather begins to warm, the Maremma starts to shed significantly. The fur will come out in clumps when brushed or even gently pulled. They are definitely not hypoallergenic. They really require very little grooming; however, in the Spring, I do assist the clumped hair's release by brushing a couple times a week. 

Il Pastore Transumante

Transhumance is the practice of moving livestock from one grazing ground to another. Shifting with the seasons, they travel from the lowlands in winter to the highlands in summer. This is where our pack emerges.


Ennio, Evelina, and Celia came to us from Italy. They have been in our care since the average age of five months old from Il Pastore Transumante. Dario possesses a love for these dogs that is addictive. 


"The project Il Pastore Transumante was born with a distinct intention of its creator. The animal well-being manager Dario Capogrosso shares his admiration of this dog worldwide. This dog he first came to know and love as a young boy in Apulia, in the South of Italy, at the farm of his grandfather. The reliability, professionalism, and experience in both animal husbandry and dog breeding have made it possible for Capogrosso to create an entity appreciated on the national as well as international level."


From the day they joined us, our Maremmas have transformed our farm, as well as, our family. They roam the pastures with the livestock that inhabit them. Ennio and Vinny even lead their goat herd from the fields to the barn to avoid impending storms! I cannot imagine life without them. And this is why we share them! 

From our Farm to Yours

We extend farther than being your superior choice of Maremma breeder. Our pups, next to Mom, are with chickens until age 8 weeks. They are then placed with the chickens and Nubian goats, trained in their mother's and aunt's care, for the next 2 weeks. At this time, we will discuss your plans for the future guardian.

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